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3 Stars - 2 Reviews
January 13, 2021
Went to pick up my travel trailer to go on a trip, only to find that it had been stolen. Called the “manager” Zeke Elliott, and was told that he had seen it parked there the day before. It had rained 3 weeks prior to my discovery, and not at all since. At the spot where my trailer was stored, was a large dried up mud puddle. There were no tire tracks through the dried mud. So yeah, liar. I asked for footage from the “security” cameras, and was told that they were “not working”. Total inside job. Good thing I have insurance. There is a gate, but ANYONE can get through it. I would advise you not to trust that your property is safe and secure at this facility, because IT IS NOT. With this shady reputation, I doubt highly they will post this review.
Excellent Facility
July 30, 2020
I have had storage units here for many years and have never had any issues of any kind. Good location with easy access to 290,Beltway 8 and 529. All units have plenty of room inside and plenty outside for backing large RVs/trailers.
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